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ADU 01239 – How one can get the very best worth for cash when buying a brand new drone

Today’s show is all about purchasing a new drone/equipment and how drone pilots can get the best value for their money.

Our caller for today, Bryan from Chicago, who has received a go ahead from his employer on purchasing a new drone. Bryan would like to know all the factors that a buyer should keep in mind when purchasing a new equipment so they can make the most of their investment.

We address Bryan’s question today by revisiting specific drone characteristics and specifications that pilots must have to conduct successful drone missions and how pilots need to be mindful of their flying conditions so they can look at purchasing a drone specifically built to address those flying conditions.

Next we look into understanding the transitions from Phantom to Inspire drones and differences between X4 and P4 cameras and how pilots need to understand their transitions as they upgrade or add drones to their fleet and how these drones and cameras can interoperate to provide a seamless deliverable.

Lastly we go over the many drone options available for pilots intending to fly drones in a multitude of flying conditions.

Whether you are new to flying or have years of experience undertaking complex flights, this is a show you dont want to miss !

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[01:41] Comparing the Autel Evo 2 Enterprise vs Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
[03:35] What are the specific drone characteristics and environments conditions that you need to understanding when choosing a drone
[13:21] Today’s question, from Bryan from Chicago, is about how drone pilots can make prudent decisions on new drone/equipment purchases
[15:23] Understanding the transitions from Phantom to Inspire drones and differences between X4 and P4 cameras
[17:04] Drones suited for different flying conditions
[15:35] Drone options for pilots intended to flying in prolonged cold conditions



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