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ADU 01215: Can I Fly My Drone In The Rain?


Today’s show is about flying your drone in the rain. You will also learn some drone maintenance tips to keep your drone safe and in top flying condition.

Our caller for today, Rob has come up with a great question that has not been asked on Ask Drone U before.  Rob’s question is about flying your drone in the rain. Specifically, what should you do if it starts raining mid-flight? Is it prudent to complete your mission? 

Additionally, we also share some little-known drone maintenance tips so that you can prevent water damage. Do not miss this one. Enjoy! 

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  • [01:15] Today’s show is about flying your drone in the rain
  • [02:10] Today’s question 
  • [03:27] What should you do if your drone gets wet after flying in the rain? We have some great drone maintenance tips to help you out
  • [04:37] Is it a good idea to use compressed air to dry your drone?
  • [05:01] Weather parameters to watch out for
  • [06:22] Can you continue your mapping mission if it starts raining mid-flight?
  • [07:22] Tips and precautions for drying the different components of your drone
  • [07:56] Which is the best drone for flying in the rain?
  • [09:11] Don’t forget to check out the forthcoming Experience Course 




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