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Speed up your profession as a Knowledge Scientist- Oluwafemi Ojo

mit idss

Oluwafemi Ojo, a former learner of the MIT-IDSS Data Science and Machine Learning program in collaboration with Great Learning, appreciates the program for its well-defined and carefully designed structure. 

The modules are designed in a manner that they are suitable for both beginners and advanced level professionals. Oluwafemi, in his review of the program, writes that,

“As a working professional, the structure of the program (including recorded videos, mentored learning sessions, reference materials, and available program support) allowed me to understand the concepts, even without being a data science non-major.”

The program facilitates advanced learning of the concepts relating to the field of Data Science and machine learning through professional and detailed lectures and ensures an overall understanding through hands-on projects. 

Oluwafemi recommends this program to all the learners who desire to secure a good placement in this field. 

“I am confident this knowledge is the needed foundation to apply this in making data-driven decisions in my current field of the supply chain. I would gladly recommend this program to anyone hoping to do the same.”



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