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A Information to Prepare dinner More healthy and Extra Sustainable Meals


Cooking healthier meals is not a trend anymore, but a necessity. The time has come to leave unhealthy processed food, store-bought ready-meals and frozen stuff in the past and start cooking better. You and your loved ones deserve it!

The question is, how to source the right ingredients? And how to cook healthier and more sustainable meals? Learning how to cook easy and timesaving meals certainly helps, so take your time and hone your kitchen skills. Once you’re ready, see if the following tips work for you! Let’s cook greener and better than ever!

Is Organic Produce Worth It?

Organic Produce

You’ve undoubtedly heard about organic fruits, veggies and even meat. So, what’s the deal with organic products? And are they’re worth it? Organic food is more expensive, yes, but it’s totally worth it.

For starters, cooking with organic products ensures you’re not eating pesticides, herbicides or other nasty stuff commonly found in regular foods. And although organic food is not necessarily more nutritious than the standard stuff, it is safer and healthier.

If you’re unsure about going 100% organic, at least substitute the ‘dirty dozen’ with their organic counterparts, these are the foods with the most pesticides in the market: strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery, potatoes and bell peppers.

Technology is Your Friend!

To cook easy recipes that are healthier than takeout, make sure you have the right equipment. Technology has made cooking healthy meals easier than ever!

Let’s start with slow cookers and instant pots. These appliances are ideal for cooking roasts, stews, soups and many other home-cooked meals with little effort. The appliance basically does all the cooking!

And then we have the fantastic air-fryer. This invention lets you cook your favourite fried foods with less than a spoonful of oil, and that’s healthier already. From French fries to chicken wings, the sky’s the limit here!

Grow Your Own Food!

home grown tomatoes

Last but not least, you’ll find immense pleasure in growing your own food. And everyone can do it! Even if you live in a small apartment. Growing fresh herbs like mint and basil is easy — you only need a window.

Now, if you have a garden, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try growing your tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. If you want to eat healthier, there’s no better way. And although not everyone has a green thumb, gardening is not all that hard, and it’s incredibly rewarding! Grow something, anything, and you’ll already be on the right path to a better lifestyle and a healthier diet.

Now You Know it. Start Cooking Today!

If you want to eat healthier and help the planet, cooking most of your meals at home is already a step in the right direction. Cooking at home is more nutritious, sustainable and healthier than going out for dinner or ordering takeout. And you’ll soon see that it’s not only faster and easier than you thought but also tons of fun! Go green; you and your family deserve it!

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