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Sunday, November 20, 2022
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7 Finest Software program Growth Developments to Observe

As we’re moving forward with the pace of technology, we’ve been observing a constant shift in technology and innovations in almost every part of the world. We aren’t talking about a 20-30 years gap, think about that time when the world was badly hit by a pandemic and everyone was forced to work from home with no alternatives. That was the moment when companies and start-ups started digging around and contributing their ideas, products, and services. You may talk about apps that are offering today fast delivery of groceries or any AI-enabled apps, all of this has become a new normal in the field of software development, which seemed unachievable once.


You may also make reference to the growing interest in the field of AI technology, the demand has drastically increased to 54% which has generated even more job opportunities and has also contributed to a significant amount of GDP (country-wise) ranging from 7%-15% and will be even more folds upwards in the upcoming 3-4 years. Our motive is to deliver and make you all familiar with the latest and ongoing software trends that every developer should look into and they’re the ones that will dominate in near future.

However, we have come across a list of the Top 7 Software Development Trends that will work in a more drastic way in this industry. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Everyone’s first Preference – Python

Since its release, Python has made significant improvements and has also addressed major areas of concern. Its latest version 3.10.4 (released in March 2022) has bought features to boost performance and capabilities and caved its path towards robust language. Its vast developer community has also played a significant role in this. Even, if you’ll see around, today colleges are becoming more adaptive towards teaching Python actively. A report also suggested that Python has grown enormously by 400% in the past 7 years and currently it’s growing at the pace of 27% YoY. So, as the demand is growing, the opportunities are growing in this area along with it.

2. DevSecOps – The new normal

With time and demand for new adoptions in technology, developing software in more secure and faster methods has become much more prominent to maintain the overall quality parameters. Besides this, as the growing demand for the cloud is increasing everywhere, especially in software development, spam attacks have been consistently increasing every day. These factors have triggered the stability of security protocols, so keep in handy and smooth right from development to delivery process, DevSecOps has come in limelight and has been fulfilling all the parameters that are required to make the development process even secured. By this, one thing is pretty clear, this adaptation can deliver a sustainable solution to avoid unwanted security breaches.

3. Craze for Progressive Web Apps

The craze for mobile apps is growing enormously YoY, it’s a clear indication that people have been spending a lot of time on their smartphones and that’s where the possibility of business growth increases. We’ve witnessed how dramatically the significant shift of needs of mobile apps as compared to desktop, but native mobile apps are winning the race by offering a rich experience in UX where easy login page and account setups are being offered. As per the survey, where the companies like OLA, OLX, Tinder, and many others have observed a massive explosion in business (up to 250%), and besides this, it’s also been much helpful in killing loading time (faster response). This has a very clear indication that the upcoming future to maintain the pace in all-tier of businesses is nothing but progressive web apps.

4. Demand for Automated Code Reviews – Enhanced Code Quality

Believe it or not, being a developer, it always frustrates when you see any task being done manually especially when we’re talking about coding, you will ensure to deliver and maintain the code quality. On the other hand, when the reviewer will get the remaining task done manually, it clearly becomes a bit annoying. Today, in fact, we do have automated coding reviewing tools that contain a predefined set of parameters and they have been quite helpful for developers by enhancing their performance the best part about automated code testing is that the margin of error is comparatively low than manual testing. Currently, we do have so bunch of tools, some of them are:

  • SmartBear Collaborator
  • Embold
  • CodeScene
  • Codebrag

5. Hype of AI and ML

Today, AI has spread all around the industry and has been actively used in businesses. We are surrounded by AI/ML and we actively use it on daily basis without even realizing it. People in different fields and industries are associated with AI, smart innovative gadgets, and sometimes even a household presence (such as Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) While we have been talking about AI and ML, this concept is not new in the market, even though it was introduced back in 1956, but it took us years of work, experiments, and failures for making it a success in today’s technological reality.  

Besides this, it’s not just a replacement for human intelligence, it’s beyond a supportive tool that is being used in healthcare, automation, finance, etc. Its diverse nature and adaptability have provided millions of opportunities. Even if you’ll check the current stats, there are more than 321,000 vacancies for AI/ML in the market and it’s very likely to hold the market in the next few decades.

6. Ongoing demand for Kubernetes

As you must be aware of the basics of Kubernetes, which is being used to automate the over process i.e. deployment, scaling, and management of containerized apps (and is an open-source system). Henceforth, this pool of container management has soared in popularity with the rise of businesses that have been operating and are inclined to dependency on cloud technology. Today, top companies like Airbnb, NYT, etc. are some of the major players who are using Kubernetes actively for a while now. Being a standard platform (both for cloud-native and DevOps) environment, the best opportunities in this field is not yet surprising, it’s been called the “de-facto platform” when it comes to deployment. Besides this, the demand is not going to decrease under any circumstances, and as per the survey, it indicated the same where 91 out of 100 people picked Kubernetes as their preference and so does the scope in job preference is comparatively high for all levels of business.

7. Dominance of Web 3.0

There has been a hype for Web3.0 in the recent period and this technology we’ve known for its interactivity and sophistication by going beyond a static page that we’ve been using to date. They are built on Jscript which uplifts its capability in making it highly responsive and dynamic in nature. Although its enriching experience has fallen during the introduction of modern chips, hardware is in the market for faster reload time.

To date, Web 3.0 has been restricted to PC browsers and on top-notch mobile phones (OLED, S-OLED).

For the time being, Web Three experiences will be restricted to desktop browsers or high-end mobile devices (such as smartphones with OLED screens). Well, experts are working on this area and trying to make it compatible with all the devices.


In this article, we’ve seen how far we’ve come in technology and what are the trends that are going to dominate in the upcoming time. However, there are many other trends to watch out for such as cryptocurrency, IoT, etc. and the scope in these fields is increasing at a mass scale every single minute on different job portals. As far as technology is concerned, they’re the one that is going to make a significant impact in our digital world. However, we’re likely to witness some of the most fascinating trends in the field of software development in the upcoming 4-5 years.



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