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63 SaaS & Subscription Influencers and Specialists to Comply with Into 2022


 Updated in September 2021. 


If you’re an entrepreneur nurturing your own SaaS company to a full-blown success, you are always looking for insights and ideas to take your business to the next level, right? 

But you’re probably super busy as well and don’t always have the time to figure out where you should be looking for those insights. 

Social media is a good place to roam around if you’re looking to expand your knowledge with fresh, actionable advice from SaaS experts and, of course, to keep track of all the new trends from the SaaS industry on the go.  

To help SaaS and subscription business owners and enthusiasts find helpful voices to learn from, we’ve come up with a list of influencers and SaaS experts to follow on social media, blogs, and so on. Looking for new SaaS marketing strategies or SaaS growth hacking tips? The best place to find them is straight from the specialists themselves, so get your social media accounts ready to do some following!  


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Here are the 63 SaaS and subscription top guns (in alphabetical order) we’re following right now, and you should too. 

  1. Aaron Levie

 Aaron Winsor Levie is an American entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of cloud company Box. He founded the company in 2005 and since then has become one of the most entertaining personalities on the tech startup scene. He also shares some of his considerable experience with building a successful SaaS company from scratch on social media, so make sure you follow him. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


2. Alexander Theuma

 Alex Theuma is the founder of SaaStock, where he helps and supports B2B SaaS founders on their journey to supercharge their growth. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of SaaScribe, a SaaS-driven publication dedicated to Founders, VCs, Customer Success teams, Sales execs and SDRs, Marketing and growth professionals. When he’s not busy, he is hosting The SaaS Revolution Show, a weekly podcast that insights and tactics from the greatest SaaS minds in Europe and across the world. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Podcast  


3. Amy Weicker

 Amy Weicker, Head of Marketing at Girl Geek X, describes herself as a Full Stack Marketer / Generalist with a founder mindset and startup work ethic. She is an entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in social media, digital marketing, and business development, and her current main focuses are B2B SaaS, B2B Sales Technology, and B2B Events spaces.  




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn  


4. Ashley Carroll

 Ashley is a B2B SaaS product leader with over thirteen years of experience in product management at high-growth companies. She is currently the VP of Product Management at Procore Technologies, a cloud-based construction software company. In 2015 she co-founded Social-Capital LP, an online platform that enabled founders worldwide to apply for funding. 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


5. Asia Orangio 

 Asia Orangio, CEO and founder of DemandMaven, is a SaaS growth and marketing consultant that helps founders of software and SaaS companies to skyrocket their businesses and scale them to becoming top leading companies. Asia is also hosting a SaaS dedicated podcast called In Demand, where she shares tactics and best practices on how to grow your SaaS company into a thriving business.  




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Podcast 



6. Ben Murray

 Ben Murray is the founder of The SaaS CFO and The SaaS Academy. His career lies in consulting software companies and helping them achieve financial improvement and transparency by partnering with stakeholders to link operations and finance. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


7. Bill Marjot 

 Bill Marjot is the co-founder of Re4m.io and CEO at Transcend360. He is a marketing tech strategist with extensive know-how in B2B SaaS, channel marketing, agile marketing, and growth, so make sure to follow him to get all the insights and best practices from the industry.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 



8. Brad Feld

 Brad Feld is a managing director at Foundry Group. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and he invests in software and Internet companies around the US. Before co-founding Foundry Group, he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures. Follow him for his insights into funding technology startups and more. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


9. Brian Kardon

 Brian is the CMO of InVision. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, he has created and implemented successful growth strategies for startup companies, global businesses, and billion-dollar organizations. Brian has been recognized as one of the “100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World” (named by Richtopia) and top “50 Most Influential CMOs” (named by Forbes).  




 Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


10. Casey Winters

 Casey Winters, CPO of Eventbrite, is a SaaS and growth marketing expert that has helped multiple startups scale and sustainably grow their businesses into large technology companies. He is also currently a partner at Reforge. Casey’s tweets are all about SaaS trends, growth strategies, and industry insights, so make sure to follow him.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website  


11. Christoph Janz

 Christoph is a Managing Partner at Point Nine Capital, a venture capital firm that’s highly prevalent in the world of SaaS. Previously he was an Internet entrepreneur and angel investor. His investments include ZendeskFreeAgentGeckoboardAlgoliaTypeformContentful, and other SaaS startups. He also has a blog about SaaS and early-stage investing, so have a look at it. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


12. Chris Orlob

 Chris is the Director of Sales at Gong, and he is a specialist in sales technology and SaaS startups. Prior to his experience at Gong, he co-founded Conversature, one of the world’s first conversation intelligence SaaS platforms designed for the VP of Sales. Due to his fantastic experience in sales, he was voted in 2018 by LinkedIn as a Top 10 Voice in Sales. 




 Follow him on: Twitter |  LinkedIn  



13. Claire Suellentrop

 Claire helps B2B software companies achieve sustainable growth. She was the Director of Marketing at Calendly, and she has co-founded two companies: Forget The Funnel (focused on SaaS marketing training) and Userlist.io (a behaviour-based email marketing automation tool for SaaS companies). 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


14. Corey Haines 

 Corey Haines, Marketing Lead at SavyCal and founder of Swipe Files, is an entrepreneur, SaaS expert, marketer podcaster, and investor. Throughout his experience in the industry, he has been helping out dozens of companies by advising them on marketing and growth strategies, including SavvyCal, Evercast, Riverside, Holloway, Beamer, and Timetastic.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Podcast | Website 



15. Dan Martell

 Dan Martell is the co-founder of Clarity, a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs to help them find great business advice, and a Managing Partner at High Speed Ventures. He’s a world-renowned coach that works with high-performing SaaS companies. In 2012, he was named Canada’s top angel investor, with over 33 investments with companies like Udemy, Intercom, GetAround, and Unbounce. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 


16. Danielle Morrill

 Danielle was the co-founder and chief executive officer of Mattermark, a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative startups. Danielle co-founded Firstparty, and she is also the CTO of the company. Danielle loves helping customers dig into the data that helps them make better business decisions.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


17. Dave Kellogg

 Dave Kellogg is an advisor, consultant, angel investor, and director. He previously held the position of CEO at Host Analytics, and now he’s currently a member of the board of directors of AlationScoro, and SMA Technologies. Dave also owns a blog, called Kellblog, where he shares his insights on SaaS metrics and strategies, enterprise software startups, finances, marketing, and communications.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


18. David Cancel

 David Cancel is the CEO & Founder of Drift, the leading conversation-driven sales & marketing platform. Before that, he was Chief Product Officer at HubSpot and founded Performable, Ghostery, Lookery, and Compete. In 2019, Drip added him to its Board of Directors. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


19. David Sacks

  David has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, and he is currently the co-founder and General Partner of Craft Ventures. Before that, David has founded Geni.com and Yammer. In addition, he has been building and investing in some of the most iconic tech companies on the market, including Facebook, Eventbrite, Lyft, Reddit, AirBnB, Uber, SpaceX, and Twitter.   

David has been continually involved in the SaaS industry. He is the creator of Bottom-Up SaaS Playbook, a strategy he designed while working at Yammer, combining product-led growth with B2B sales. 




 Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 



20. David Skok

 He started his first company a few months after leaving university, at the age of 21, and over the next 25 years, founded a total of four companies (Skok Systems, Corporate Software Europe, Watermark Software, and SilverStream Software). He became a venture capital partner at Matrix Partners. In addition to his broad focus on enterprise software, David’s experience encompasses SaaS, cloud, mobility, Open Source, and marketing automation, and more. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


21. Des Traynor

 Des Traynor is the co-founder of Intercom, a customer messaging platform designed to help businesses acquire, engage and retain customers. He previously co-founded Exceptional (now a part of Rackspace) as well as Contrast, a software design agency. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


22. Dev Basu 

 Dev Basu is the founder and CEO of Powered by Search. He is also an author and speaker who helps out B2B SaaS and technology companies scale their business through practical demand generation strategies and solutions. Dev is world-renowned for his expertise in SaaS Demand Generation, SEO, and Paid Acquisition. 




Follow him on:  Twitter | LinkedIn  


23. Dharmesh Shah

 Dharmesh Shah is co-founder and CTO of HubSpot. Prior to founding HubSpot in 2006, Dharmesh was the founder and CEO of Pyramid Digital Solutions. He is an active member of the Boston area entrepreneurial community, an angel investor in over 40 startups, and a frequent speaker on the topic of startups and inbound marketing. Those should be reasons enough for you to follow his insights. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


24. Drew Sanocki

 Drew Sanocki, the CEO of AutoAnything, has twenty years of experience building, growing, investing, advising, and selling eCommerce and SaaS businesses. He previously founded his first company, Design Public, and now he is also assisting SaaS companies in scaling their businesses into successful and profitable companies.   




Follow him on:  Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 


25. Duane Jackson

 Duane Jackson is the Senior Technical Director at IRIS Software Group, founder of Staffology, and co-founder and Director at Code4000. Duane is best known for his entrepreneurial debut while he was founding his first SaaS venture, called KashFlow.  




Follow him on:  Twitter | LinkedIn  


26. Gabe Villamizar

 The Marketing Evangelist at Lucid, Gabe Villamizar, is a SaaS specialist with extensive hyper-growth experience in tech SaaS startups. Gabe also writes and develops sales and marketing-related courses for LinkedIn Learning. His current three published courses are “Social Selling with LinkedIn” (2020), “Social Media SEO” (2020), and “Social Selling with Twitter” (2019). 




Follow him on:  Twitter | LinkedIn 


27. Georgiana Laudi

 Georgiana, the co-founder of Forget The Funnel, helps growth-stage SaaS, eCommerce, and marketplace companies achieve their business goals, scale their marketing, invest in their team, and drive serious business results. She’s the former VP of Marketing at Unbounce and now a strategic advisor as well at her company, A Better CX 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 


28. Greg Roth

 With over fifteen years of experience, Greg Roth has been helping B2B SaaS startups around the world gain traction and grow into successful companies. He is currently the Head of Marketing at UniTel Voice, a cloud-based virtual phone system.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


29. Gregory T. Simpson

 Gregory Simpson, the VP, Head of Marketing and Presales at Saama, is the SaaS expert you want to follow if you’re looking for best practices, tips & tricks, and actionable insights on SaaS growth. His areas of expertise include growth marketing & demand gen, public relations, analyst relations, and product/solutions marketing, to name a few.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


30. Guillaume Cabane

 Guillaume is the co-founder and General Partner of HyperGrowth Partners. Within his path in the SaaS industry, he has achieved more than fifteen years of experience regarding growth marketing, B2B SaaS, and B2B acquisition and conversion. He is now sharing his knowledge as a growth advisor for B2B SaaS startups, including G2, Gorgias, Metadata, Madkudu, and many more. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn  


31. Helena Ronis

 Helena Ronis, the co-founder and CEO at AllFactors, is all about sharing actionable insights on web marketing analytics. Her main focuses are on product building, entrepreneurship, SaaS, marketing, and startups. 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 



32. Hiten Shah

 Hiten has started three SaaS companies: Crazy EggKISSmetrics, and Quick Sprout. Hiten is currently working on Product Habits, as well as his latest startup Nira. He’s also helped coin the concept of “Growth Hacker,” together with Sean Ellis and Patrick Vlaskovits. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


33.  Jason Lemkin

 Jason M. Lemkin is a 2x founder, 1x VC, and constant SaaS enthusiast. He’s led or sourced the first VC investments in many leading enterprise/SaaS start-ups, such as Guidespark, Greenhouse.io, Pipedrive, Algolia, Talkdesk, Parklet.co, and many more. Jason also runs SaaStr, the world’s largest community for B2B/SaaS founders. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


34.  Jay Nathan

Jay Nathan is a SaaS growth expert and two-times founder. In 2017 he founded Customer Imperative – a purpose-driven company focused on customer-centric revenue growth for SaaS, software, and technology businesses. And Gain Grow Retain in 2020 – a community platform for customer success leaders to share their work, insights, collaborate, and grow their careers. Currently, he is the CCO at Higher Logic, and his expertise lies in building, leading, and scaling SaaS companies serving a wide range of end-markets and customer sizes.



Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


35.  Jeffrey Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan is the founder and Managing Director of THINKstrategies. The company focuses on the business implications of new on-demand services, such as Cloud Computing, SaaS, and Managed Services on IT, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He also founded the Cloud Computing Showplace, the largest vendor-independent online directory of Cloud solutions and best practices. In 2015, Jeff was named #20 among the top 100 Cloud experts on Twitter by the Huffington Post. 



Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


36.  Jeff Epstein

 Jeff Epstein is the founder of Onboard.io, a customer onboarding and implementation software that enables companies to manage, analyze, and optimize the perfect onboarding process for each customer. Jeff managed to build two successful startups over his past fifteen years of experience, leading them both through acquisition.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn  


37.  Joel Gascoigne

 Joel Gascoigne is the co-founder and CEO of Buffer, a social media platform founded in 2021 and used by hundreds of thousands of companies to plan their content in advance, analyze the results, and engage with their communities through social media platforms. He is also an angel investor and advisor for more than ten companies. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn Website 



38.  Kevin Hurley

 Kevin is a second-time founder with a focus on B2B sales and marketing for high-growth SaaS, technology, and service-based organizations. He is currently helping innovative sales and marketing teams scale growth. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn  


39. Lincoln Murphy

 Lincoln has spent years helping to grow over 300 subscription economy businesses, mostly SaaS and enterprise software vendors migrating to SaaS. He is one of the world’s leading customer success experts and one of the authors of “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


40. Liz Herbert

  Liz Herbert, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, has been helping out SaaS companies hypergrow their businesses for over seventeen years. Liz focuses on technology services industries, SaaS, SAP, and Oracle services by assisting her clients while they navigate through the fast-changing market and maximize the business value of their technology investments. Throughout her career, and due to her extensive research and vast experience in the SaaS industry, Liz has been quoted by numerous publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and The New York Times. 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


41. Marc Benioff

 Marc Benioff is Chairman, CEO and founder of Salesforce and a pioneer of cloud computing. Before Salesforce, he spent 13 years at database software giant Oracle. He’s also an angel investor in dozens of tech startups and a prolific philanthropist. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


42. Marc Thomas

 Marc Thomas, Head of Growth at Powered by Search, is a SaaS growth and marketing expert with over ten years of experience in the industry. Prior to Powered by Search, he co-founded and held the position of CEO at doopoll. Marc is also hosting a weekly SaaS podcast called SaaS Marketing Bites, where he shares his insights on growth marketing and B2B SaaS strategies.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Podcast 


43. Michael Redbord

 Michael Redbord is the Head of Operations at SaaSWorks, a tech-enabled, data-powered services company that empowers scaling subscription businesses to deliver the best data-driven customer outreach. Prior to that, he shared his SaaS experience and know-how as a General Manager for the Service Hub at Hubspot 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


44. Nate Dame

 Nate is the founder and CEO of Profound Strategy, a results-oriented SEO agency that assists and supports the growth of some of the world’s largest B2B and technology brands. When he’s not scaling B2B SaaS businesses, he is a contributing author for Search Engine Lab, where he shares all his insights and best practices on increasing reach, conversions ROI through SEO strategies.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 



45. Neil Morgan

 With over thirty years of SaaS marketing experience across all disciplines, growth stages, and geographies, Neil Morgan is advising and helping tech companies scale their businesses. He is also an angel investor to some of the UK’s most exciting startups and is helping them accelerate through their early growth processes.  




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn  


46. Neil Patel

 Neil Patel doesn’t really need much of an introduction. He is the co-founder of Crazy EggKissmetrics, and Quicksprout. He also works closely with companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom to grow their revenue. Neil is a New York Times best-selling author and a digital marketing expert. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 


47. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

 Nichole is a B2C & B2B SaaS Consultant and Growth Marketer. She has worked at Product Hunt, Zest.is, Inbound.org, GrowthHackers.com, and worked with SaaS startups such as Segment, Appcues, Autopilot, Drift, Wootric, InVision, HubSpot, Moz, and more. Her specialty is quickly diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in SaaS companies and strategizing ways to improve customer retention and strengthen brands. 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 


48. Noah Kagan

 Noah is the ‘Chief Sumo’ at Sumo, AppSumo, and KingSumo. Before that, he was an employee at Facebook, at Mint, and worked at Intel.  Noah advises founders and decision-makers on business issues. He also shares insights and strategies on eCommerce and marketing growth. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


49. Omer Khan

Omer Khan is working with SaaS companies by helping them develop and improve marketing strategies, lead marketing activities, and drive brand awareness and growth. He is the founder of SaaS Club, a platform that enables early-stage SaaS founders & companies to grow by providing content, community, and coaching programs. Omer is also sharing his SaaS expertise, best practices, and actionable advice through his podcast, The SaaS Podcast, where he is the host.   




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Podcast 



50. Patrick Campbell

 Patrick Campbell is the Co-Founder & CEO of Price Intelligently. Price Intelligently is a Boston-based startup that helps SaaS businesses to come up with the right pricing strategy. Prior to ProfitWell, Patrick led Strategic Initiatives for Boston-based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


51. Phil Wainewright

 Phil Wainewright is a recognized authority on cloud computing. As a blogger, analyst, speaker, and consultant, he specializes in on-demand services – SaaS, PaaS, and cloud. He’s the co-founder of diginomica, and writes about how enterprises are using digital technologies to achieve breakthrough business outcomes. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


52. Pierre Lechelle

 Pierre Lechelle is an entrepreneur, consultant, and SaaS marketing expert. He helps SaaS businesses to generate more revenue through customer acquisition & retention, using marketing & Growth Hacking. 



Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 


53. Promise Phelon

 Promise is the CEO and founder of The Growth Warrior, a mentoring company with a focus on driving underdog entrepreneurial success. Her expertise includes SaaS growth, raising institutional capital, product innovation, and building loyal teams that drive market transformation. 




Follow her on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


54. Robbie Richards

 Robbie Richards, co-founder and Lead Strategist at Virayo Marketing, is an SEO and SaaS expert that specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies drive more traffic, leads, and trials to their business using targeted search marketing campaigns. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


55. Robert Skrob

 Robert Skrob is recognized as one of the best member retention specialists out there. He has helped hundreds of membership programs launch and then grow from start-ups to some of the largest membership and subscription companies in the world. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website 

  56. Sean Ellis

 The founder of Growth Hackers and co-creator of Go Practice, Sean Ellis, is already a household name in the SaaS industry. Well known for his contribution in creating the growth hacking concept, along with Hiten Shah, Sean is a SaaS growth expert that has built the growth engines for several highly successful startups from the ground up. He is the author of “Hacking Growth”, where he shares his insightful strategies on how to drive growth transformation for companies around the globe. Sean is also the host of The Breakout Growth Podcast, where he and co-host Ethan Garr interview business and growth leaders to understand all facets of their breakout growth engines. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 



57. Stewart Butterfield

 Stewart Butterfield is an entrepreneur and businessman, best known for being a co-founder of the photo-sharing website Flickr and team messaging application Slack. In his two decades working on the web, Stewart has been listed on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World and BusinessWeek’s Top 50 Leaders. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


58. Sujan Patel

 Sujan is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of Mailshake, and Managing Partner at Ramp Ventures. In addition, Sujan is a veteran SaaS marketing expert. In his over fifteen years of experience in the industry, he has helped hundreds of companies create growth strategies that generated massive increases in traffic and revenue. 



Follow him on: Twitter |  LinkedIn | Website 


59. Tami McQueen

 Tami McQueen, Vice President of Marketing at Panoramic Ventures, has wide expertise in driving results for hyper-growth SaaS organizations through process-driven, scalable, and repeatable marketing models. Before joining Panoramic Ventures, Tami co-founded 31south and Summit House. 




Follow her on: Twitter |  LinkedIn  


60. TK Kader

 TK Kader is the founder of TK | Strategies, a consulting company that helps SaaS Founders generate more and close deals with a scalable Go-To-Market strategy and machine. TK has over fifteen years of experience in building, scaling, and exiting SaaS businesses through his SaaS Go-To-Market program. 




Follow him on: Twitter |  LinkedIn 


61. Tomasz Tunguz

 Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures. Before joining Redpoint, Tomasz was the product manager for Google’s AdSense social-media products and AdSense internationalization. Tomasz has a great blog that helps SaaS founders grow their companies. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog 


62. Trevor Hatfield

 Trevor Hatfield is the founder of Inturact, an integrated SaaS Marketing Agency. He’s a terrific SaaS consultant, and he works with niche SaaS experts to drive growth through customer-centric strategies. 




Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


63. William Harris

 William Harris is the founder and CEO of Elumynt, a performance-driven marketing eCommerce agency, and the Head of Marketing at Sellbrite. William is also a significant contributor and shares his insights and learnings regarding SaaS strategies and best practices by writing for a couple of prominent publications, such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Shopify Plus.  




 Follow him on: Twitter | LinkedIn 


We hope this comprehensive list of SaaS experts that you should check out and follow will shed some light and inspiration on your SaaS startup’s first steps. And if you’re just in need of new best practices and fresh, actionable insights from the SaaS industry, rest assured – you can get all the inspo you need from them.    

Which experts and mentors are you following? Let us know in the comments below! 

If you’re looking to discover more tips and tricks on how to skyrocket your SaaS and subscription business, watch this webinar to learn how you can further scale your SaaS company. 



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