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4 Methods to Make Your Home Right into a House –

Think back. Recall the feelings you had when you first moved into your home. It was an exciting time. You spent endless hours making your house into a home by transforming the unfamiliar space around you into a cozier place where your entire family could feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, your home may no longer feel as welcoming. In fact, you may even wonder if you should sell it, fantasizing about moving to a new place just to recapture that exhilarating feeling of something new and exciting.

As human beings, we love novelty, and one way to refresh your home is to try a few DIY home improvement tips. The look and feel of your home speak volumes about your frame of mind. That’s why it’s important to refresh your space now and then.

Here are four suggestions on how to recapture that wonderful feeling of making a house into a home.

1. Clean and Declutter

woman cleaning home

Take some time to get organized, clean, and clear out the clutter that has accumulated in various rooms, closets, and the nooks and crannies of your home. But, don’t just sort out the stuff in a few rooms. Instead, be thorough. Imagine you’ve just moved in and plan to show off your new home to your family and friends. From top to bottom, it’s all important, so spend time on garage cleaning and yard cleaning. And don’t forget the places people can’t see, hire a cleaning service for crawl space cleaning so you’ll know every inch is clean.

Clutter in your home can have an adverse impact on your mood. It can even lead to stress, depression, and irritation. It might also trigger anxiety about small things happening in your life that don’t deserve a second thought. Decluttering your home has the curious effect of making you feel better. Although it is time-consuming, it’s worth making the effort to get it done. You’ll feel in control of your life and affairs again.

2. Color Your World

Before repainting your walls, dive into color theory, a branch of art that studies how different shades affect our perception. Also, review the psychology of how various color harmonies evoke different moods, attitudes, and feelings.

Once you understand the psychology of pigmentation, use a color wheel to decide on hues that complement each other. For instance, contrast red with green, blue with orange, or yellow with purple. Of course, you don’t have to stick to primary and secondary shades; you can also select from a wide variety of paint schemes, including black and white, natural, pastels, bright tones, and more.

3. Add Textures & Patterns


Textures and patterns can be added to rooms using rugs, wall hangings, curtains, baskets, or other objects. The best way to decide on the right items is to think about the style of the room you’re decorating. Each one  —  whether traditional, modern, minimalist or rustic  —  will determine what textures and patterns to add. Also, try natural materials as they exude a warmth that you can’t find in artificial ones.

4. Stay Trendy

If you can afford it, hire an interior designer since home design trends constantly change. If you want to redesign your own home, then first do a little research to stay on top of the latest ideas on how to create a lovely space.

5. Functionality Equals Beauty

beautiful home

Think about functionality as beauty. The more practical any design or décor change you make, the more natural it will blend in. Nothing should look out of place. Avoid a cluttered appearance. For instance, if redesigning your kitchen, opening your cabinet doors should not interfere with getting into your kitchen drawers. Or, if adding new furniture to your living room, focus on homogeneity. Don’t force-fit traditional furniture in a house with a minimalistic theme. 

Home Improvement Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive or Time-Consuming

Refreshing your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a few design changes will make a big difference. Also, avoid exhausting yourself by breaking your projects into phases. For instance, this month, focus on decluttering your home to free your mind; next month, on painting the walls beautiful colors to lift your mood.

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