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4 Sports activities that Get You into Nature


Sports have always been hugely important to society. After all, different athletic events, whether amateur or professional, bring together both individuals and entire communities. There’s no doubt that our social lives are enhanced because of sports as well, with the opportunity to attend live games with friends and loved ones and cheer in unison amongst thousands of fellow supporters.

In reality, sports fandom is something that is universally present, as no matter where you look around the world there are groups of people who share in their love for a certain team, player, or league. Another feature of fandom in today’s modern world is regulated online sports betting, with risk-free bets and promotions attracting more users to the virtual wagering scene every day. In addition to this, it’s common to see fans investing in sports gear and apparel to rock their favorite player’s number or name at live events.

However, despite all the buzz that surrounds sports fandom nowadays, people still enjoying practicing their own types of sport, whatever that may be. It isn’t just about watching, it’s about doing! But in a world where the most popular sports played are also the most popular sports watched (football, baseball, basketball), it may seem like there aren’t as many options for people who don’t enjoy ‘ball’ sports. That’s why in this article we are taking a look at four unique outdoor sports that get people out of the stadium, court, or arena and into nature!

Climbing is an ideal outdoor sport for adventurous personalities who love being outside

1. Sport Climbing/ Bouldering

When it comes to sports that allow their participants to soak in all that Mother Nature has to offer, rock climbing is at the top of the list. There are two types of climbing that can be practiced outside – sport climbing and bouldering. The latter does not require major equipment like a rope or harness because it is climbing that is done much lower to the ground and normally in short spurts. On the other hand, sport climbers normally scale walls up to 15 meters or more. Regardless of the type you choose, both options are ideal for lots of fun and lots of muscle building!

2. Cycling

Cycling or biking is another great sport for those looking to enjoy exercise outdoors. Riding a bike for medium-long distances never gets boring because there is always something new to look at as you continue down the trail or street. Cycling is also a major calorie burner, whether you are riding at a fast or slow pace. At its very core, this sport has been described as the closest thing to ‘flying without wings’.

3. Inline Skating

Similarly to biking, skating gives people the sensation that they are whirling through the air freely while engaging their body in an intense workout. Inline skates (typically with two to five wheels) are better than traditional roller blades for those who want to really catch some speed. The easiest way to skate is on a nicely paved road or street to avoid bumps in the ground that could cause you to slip and fall. After a few skating sessions, you will easily be able to notice the beneficial muscular changes happening to your body. So, grab some good inlines and scope out a flat outside surface to get started on your skating adventure right away.

In the sport of hiking, there are no shortage of picturesque mountain-top views

4. Hiking

Hiking takes people to glorious natural landscapes that are well-preserved from the outside world. These are the places where tall trees are prevalent, birds are chirping, and animals are free to roam wild through the forest. Discovering a new path, with friends or on a solo hike, is both an exciting experience and fruitful exercise. Hiking allows people to soak up fresh air in remote and peaceful settings that often feature breathtaking mountain views and gorgeous scenery. Even if you are a total beginner to the sport, all you need is a good pair of walking shoes and a willing spirit. Before you know it, you could be a seasoned hiker, trekking through long stretches of wilderness each day.

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